White Trash and Whiskey Bent 013


A very strange mix this week but all to celebrate episode #13

A Pony Named Olga – 666-13
Red Fang – Number Thirteen
Soilent Green – Thirteen Days A Weak
The Accüsed – 13 Letters
Johnny Cash – Thirteen
The Legendary Tiger Man – Thirteen [Danzig] – Mafalda Nascimento
Avail – Sanctuary 13
NOFX – 13 Stitches
Adolescents – Formula 13
Black Flag – Room 13
D.O.A – 13
The Dwarves – 13 Stories High
Burning Streets – 13 Hours
Chesty Malone And The Slice’em Ups – 13 Killers
Spoiler NYC – Lucky 13
Guitar Wolf – Jet13
“Demons” – Clock strikes 13
The Hypnophonics – Outpost 13
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Thirteen Crimes

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The Final Break Up – White Trash Whiskey Bent 012

Saying Goodbye to someone you Love is Hard… Goodbye to Adria…. Last break Up show I will every do…  

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Face To Face – Disconnected
Fugazi – Bad Mouth
Plow United – A Beautiful Love Song
Dillinger Four – Doublewhiskeycokenoice
Eddy Current Supression Ring – Which Way To Go
The Hex Dispensers – Lose My Cool
The New Bomb Turks – Cryin’ In The Beer Of A Drunk Man
Supersuckers – She Is Leaving
Social Distortion – Ball And Chain
Minor Threat – I Don’t Wanna Hear It
Circle Jerks – Don’t Care
Fear – I Don’t Care About You
Hank Williams lll – Gone But Not Forgotten
Tim Barry – This November
The .357 String Band – Down on a Bender
Agnostic Front – Never Walk Alone
Wisdom In Chains – Get To Steppin’
Blood For Blood – So Common, So Cheap
Call Me Bronco – Four Shots


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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 011

Didn’t really mean to have a themed show but thats kinda what you are getting….


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NOFX – I’ve Got One Jealous Again, Again
Against Me! – Even At Our Worst We’re Still Better Than Most (The Roller)
The Bronx – I Got Chills
Rancid – Collision Course
Adolescents – Nothing Left to Say
Svetlanas – Go Fuck You Self
Teenage Bottlerocket – Can’t Quit You
Dinosaur Jr. – Feel the Pain
Fugazi – Burning Too
Baboon – Save Me
River City Tanlines – I’m A Damn Dog
The Venomous Pinks – No No No
The Sharp Lads – The Kids Don’t Want No Rock’n’Roll
54 Nude Honeys – No Way
Guitar Wolf – UFO Romantics
Broken Aris – This Is The Last One
The 13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 010

This week it was short sweet and to the point!! Punk Rock n’ Roll….


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Fucked Up – The Great Divide
Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker
The Lawrence Arms – The Redness In The West
Jawbreaker – Tour Song
Riverboat Gamblers – The Ol’ Smash And Grab
The Heart Attacks – You Oughtta’ Know By Now
The Exploding Hearts – Sniffin’ Glue
The Gits – Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human
The Short Fuses – Beneath The City Of The Guitar Vixens
Lunachicks – Binge + Purge
replacements – kick your door down
Joy Division – Warsaw
Wire – 12XU
The Gloryholes – Immune To You
River City Tanlines – Devil Made Me Do It
White Wires – Did You Forget My Name
The Cute Lepers – Terminal Boredom
High Tension Wires – Tokyo Is Burning Down
The Marked Men – Blew My Head
Brutal Juice – Nationwide

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 5 its all about the LADIES

This week it is all about the LADIES!! Girls ROCK!! almost 2 full hours of female fronted GREATNESS!! A mix of OLD and NEW from all over the world… sit back relax and enjoy the joyride…


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The God Damn Doo Wop Band – Talk Too Much
Nikki Corvette – Young & Crazy
PANDORAS – That’s Your Way Out
Electrocutes – Assmar
Suicide Squad – New Kids Army
Gash – Gash Trash
Action Pact – London Bouncers
X-RAY SPEX – I Live Off You
Vice Squad – Last Rockers
HONEY BANE – Girl On The Run
Annex – Day Of The Lords
Crass – Where Next Columbus?
DIRT – Hiroshima
The Bags – Survive
THE SLITS – Vindictive
X – Nausea
The Gits – Whiskey
7 Year Bitch – the scratch
The Muffs – Rock And Roll Girl
Betty Blowtorch – Hell On Wheels
Die Hunns – Back ‘N’ Black
Dishrags – I Don’t Love You
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks – Less Of Me
Maggots – TammyWynette
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl (New Radio 7in 1993)
Chix N’ Dix – Virus
Naked Aggression – Plastic World
Red Bacteria Vacuum – Free Soul
THE AVENGERS – Teenage Rebel
Svetlanas – Siberian Girl
SADO-NATION – Messed Up Mixed Up
Toxic Shock – Riot Riot Riot
MysteryGirls – Ego
54 Nude Honeys – Where Is Love
The’s – The Barracuda
The Soviettes – Roller Girls
Beki Bondage – Son Of A Preacher Man

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 4 its all about THE LOVE

tonight’s show is all about The Love


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Dwarves -Bitch I Love You
Dead Boys -What Love Is
The Pagans -What’s This Shit Called Love?
The Damned -Love Song
The Kidnappers -A Bit of Your Love
The Datsuns -In Love
The Bloody Muffs -Love Me Like A Drug
The Manikins -Lovesick
The Briefs -Love And Ulcers
The Vibrators -Automatic Lover
Dayglo Abortions -Used To Be In Love
Subhumans -Love Is…
f-minus -love is just a tool
Help Me Devil -Love Is A Dog From Hell
The Hillbilly Moon Explosion -My Love For Evermore (with Sparky)
Texas Terri Bomb -Love Hates Me
ANTISEEN -‘Cause I Love You
Wire -Feeling Called Love
The Mummies -Your Love
the monsters -the love i never had
Batmobile -01 – Uranium Love
Circle Jerks -Love Kills
Joe Strummer -Love Kills
The Panic Beats -Love Kills
The Fuck Off And Dies -I Fucking Love Her
Hear The Sirens -Last Call Love
Civet -Buy My Love
T. Tex Edwards & The Swingin’ Kornflake Killers -FUNNEL OF LOVE
Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators
Sillies -Love you to death

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