White Trash and Whiskey Bent 013


A very strange mix this week but all to celebrate episode #13

A Pony Named Olga – 666-13
Red Fang – Number Thirteen
Soilent Green – Thirteen Days A Weak
The Accüsed – 13 Letters
Johnny Cash – Thirteen
The Legendary Tiger Man – Thirteen [Danzig] – Mafalda Nascimento
Avail – Sanctuary 13
NOFX – 13 Stitches
Adolescents – Formula 13
Black Flag – Room 13
D.O.A – 13
The Dwarves – 13 Stories High
Burning Streets – 13 Hours
Chesty Malone And The Slice’em Ups – 13 Killers
Spoiler NYC – Lucky 13
Guitar Wolf – Jet13
“Demons” – Clock strikes 13
The Hypnophonics – Outpost 13
Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Thirteen Crimes

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 010

This week it was short sweet and to the point!! Punk Rock n’ Roll….


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Fucked Up – The Great Divide
Superchunk – Slack Motherfucker
The Lawrence Arms – The Redness In The West
Jawbreaker – Tour Song
Riverboat Gamblers – The Ol’ Smash And Grab
The Heart Attacks – You Oughtta’ Know By Now
The Exploding Hearts – Sniffin’ Glue
The Gits – Cut My Skin It Makes Me Human
The Short Fuses – Beneath The City Of The Guitar Vixens
Lunachicks – Binge + Purge
replacements – kick your door down
Joy Division – Warsaw
Wire – 12XU
The Gloryholes – Immune To You
River City Tanlines – Devil Made Me Do It
White Wires – Did You Forget My Name
The Cute Lepers – Terminal Boredom
High Tension Wires – Tokyo Is Burning Down
The Marked Men – Blew My Head
Brutal Juice – Nationwide

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 009

so what if I want to GAY MARRY Duane Peters… Don’t HATE on what you don’t understand!!


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Its all about LOUD and FAST PUNK ROCK n’ ROLL!! and Also MOTTEY is COMING BACK!!! Fuck Yeah ROCK n ROLL Mother Fuckers!!!…. UGH… I need MORE WHISKEY!!!

I am DRUNK.. LOVE YOU all!!

I am DRUNK.. LOVE YOU all!!

The Didjits – Captain Ahab
U.S. Bombs – Tora Tora Tora
Duane Peters & The Hunns – Hate N’ Love
Duane Peters Gunfight – I Walk Along
Attractive Eighties Women – (I Wanna Get) Gay Married
Peter Pan Speedrock – Hellalujah!
The Murder City Devils – I Don’t Want To Work For Scum Anymore
The Hip Priests – Breakneck Babylon
The Parents – Scientific proof of the soul
Apa State mental – Texas
Electric Frankenstein – Just Like Your Mom
Supersuckers – The Evil Powers of Rock ‘N’ Roll
The Pleasure Fuckers – Ripped To The Tits
Antiseen – Queen City Stomp
Texas Terri – Dirty Action
cocknoose – bite it you scum
The Me Thinks – Burnout Timeline
The Dangits – Gotta Get Some Action
HammerCocks – Cruizin’ For A Boozin’
The New Bomb Turks – Cryin’ In The Beer Of A Drunk Man
The Dwarves – It’s A Wonderful Life Of Sin
The Candy Snatchers – This Is Rock & Roll
El Diablo – Set It on Fire
Shark Chum – Speed King
Zeke – Holley 750
Black President – Last Fucking Hope
Born To Lose – Salvation
Black Star Brigade – Falling Down
Turbonegro – Denim Demon
The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Dead Language Of Love
Gaza Strippers – Missile Command
Poor Dumb Bastards – Miss My X
The Boozers – Fast And Loose
Plunger – She’s The One
Shovel 13 – Designated Drunk Driver

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Old Guy Party WTWB 007

Its a OLD GUY PARTY… All bands have members at least my age and older…


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Dead Kennedys – Moon Over Marin
Dwarves – Everybodies Girl
The Meatmen – The Dwarves Are The 2Nd Greatest Band In The World
D.O.A. – Cocktail Time In Hell
Fang – The Money Will Roll Right In
GG Allin & The Jabbers – Gimme Some Head
The Blatz – Homemade Speed
G.B.H. – Sick Boy
Rancid – Dope Sick Girl
Social Distortion – Mommy’s Little Monster
Bouncing Souls – Kate Is Great
NOFX – Bob
Propagandhi – Showdown (G.E. P.)
Bad Religion – Bad Religion
7 Seconds – Walk Together, Rock Together
Bad Brains – Pay to Cum
Cock Sparrer – Suicide Girls
The Macc Lads – Beer & Sex & Chips ‘n’ Gravy
Jello Biafra With D.O.A. – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent 3


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I am all over the place on this one.. Got your garage punk pounders, punk rock and roll, psychobilly, blackened crust metal and more… want to thank my buddies over at Backdoor records for the opening vinyl!!

Knights Of The New Crusade -Cowards of Christendom
Hex Dispensers -Taxidermy Porno
Jay Reatard -It Ain’t Gonna Save Me
The Gories -Nitroglycerine
Antiseen -The Witch
The Spits -Get Our Kicks
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club -Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll
Demented Are Go -Retard Whore
Mad Sin -Psycho Sideshow
Batmobile -Hellalujah!
The Bronx -Too Many Devils
The Bulemics -Harlot From Beyond
Candy Snatchers -Yeah You
Scratch Acid -Eyeball
Cherubs -Quitter
Crust -Dealer Mike
Last of the Red Giants -Letter to an Old Friend
Black Mountain Hunger -King Merciless
The Dad Horse Experience XL – Folsom Prison Blue

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White Trash and Whiskey Bent episode 2

Hell Yeah!! Had a great set this week with a few NEW release from some LOCAL Johnson City, TN. bands.. New tracks from Scull Soup, Death Trip and The Nerve Endings… All 3 will be playing Friday February 6th at THE HIDEAWAY hope everyone can make it out… Also had some old school Skate Punk, Crack Rock steady and some horror punk this week..


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We The Heathens -Drink ‘em Down
Pipes And Pints -Never Let You Down
Dirty Filthy Mugs -Another Round
Beantown Boozehounds -On The Road
Cerebral Ballzy -Sk8 All Day
Dag Nasty -All Ages Show
Adolescents -Rip It Up
Scull Soup -No Substitute
Nerve Endings -Stuck in the City
Death Trip -Feed Your Ego
Calabrese -Children Of the Night
The Cryptoids -Amityville
The Spookshow -Carry me Home
Leftover Crack -Baby-Punchers
No Cash -Gasoline
The Unholy 3 -Torn Between Suicide And Breakfast
The Goddamn Gallows – In League With Satan
The BellRays -Suicide Baby

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